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Gaining the Millennial Stamp of Approval on Social Media

Engrossed in technology and well versed in the over-played marketing anthem, millennials can smell insincerity from a mile away and one artificial move from your company could be death for your brand. Establishing authenticity and a cohesive brand voice across all social media platforms is essential in establishing trust and loyalty from millennials. With the…
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4 Keys to Community Branding for Tourism

Everyone is always throwing the term “brand” around, so what is a brand? Most realize it is not just a logo or the colors and taglines you use, but an expression of what makes you unique. Simple right? In theory, yes. But, when it comes time to sit down and really analyze what makes a…
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Why Niche Marketing?

Over the past years we have had a lot of opportunities to work with clients in various industries. One trend that we have seen develop in recent years is niche marketing. Being all things to all people just doesn’t work anymore. With so many people able to streamline their information channels, it is very important…
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