There are good ideas and bad ideas.
We just know the difference.

How do we know? ABC Creative Group’s idea-based marketing philosophy drives our success. We put the idea first, then turn that creativity loose on the marketing strategy.

We understand businesses and organizations face tough marketing challenges. Working with an agency shouldn’t mean more work for you. ABC offers an outside perspective and becomes an extension of your team, closely collaborating with you and constantly coming up with new, fresh ideas.

Our know-how and natural penchant for creativity will benefit your business or make your marketing department an invaluable asset to your company. We apply that same creative thinking to work within any budget and stretch it in unique ways.

ABC believes your marketing partner should be creative, transparent and efficient. Our turnover-free team offers elite customer service, pinpoint ROI measurement and post-campaign sales strategy with constant communication.

We save you time, money and the stress that comes with taking on marketing problems alone. Let us join your team, strengthen your creativity and tackle those challenges with you.

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Our Team

Meet the folks that give ABC its creative clout. The team approach here more closely resembles a family than an agency and that’s on purpose.

We give our clients consistent service and constant communication to go along with all those great ideas.

There’s no revolving door here and everyone gets involved with every project, so our clients are never without someone on the other end of the line or outbox.

These guys constantly crank out fresh concepts, meet client challenges and exceed expectations.


Behind the Scenes

ABC’s tight-knit team of skilled experts and unique personalities consistently delivers the most creative art and copy, client-focused account service, stellar strategy and meticulous measurement.

We’re problem solvers dedicated to collaborating with clients to take on their marketing challenges with a fresh perspective. We also offer clear, constant communication to make sure we do the job right.

We succeed as a cohesive, creative team that’s not afraid to offend when vetting ideas and certainly willing to have a little (or a lot) of fun while crafting great campaigns and developing solid strategy for our clients.

We work hard. We play hard. We love what we do.

24 Hour Brand Bash

About a year or so ago, ABC’s crew of creatives decided to help out the Syracuse community in a way only our agency could pull off. There are good ideas and bad ideas, and the 24hr Brand Bash might be a little of both. The good: a worthy nonprofit got an entire rebrand. The bad: our staff took the project from concept to delivery in 24 hours ... straight. The result of a full 24 hours of concept development, copywriting, coding and coffee gulping? Watch this video to see how we pulled it off and just how this idea-based marketing thing works. While you’re at it, nominate your favorite organization for the second annual Bash this spring!

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Now that you know a little bit about how things work around here, take a look at these ideas in action. We consider this the best part of what we do, which as a full-service marketing agency is quite a bit. Check out this small sampling of recent projects that have delivered great success to a variety of clients.




As written up and awarded by these great organizations


Just Some Random Stuff

We couldn’t find a place for all the stuff that makes ABC an awesome agency anywhere else on the site, so we just stuck a bunch of good news, industry insights and general shenanigans here.


Behind-The-Scenes Video

Take a minute and check out the behind-the-scenes video we put together for the making of our most recent commercial for Visions Federal Credit Union. This was a truly unique experience and we all had a lot of fun on this one.

Tourism Case Studies

Here are a few case studies that outline some of our recent tourism-focused communication initiatives. Great beer, good food and things to do all around New York: What could be better?
• Creating America's Craft Brew Destination
• Making a Road Trip the Destination
• Turning Travelers into Tourists
• Making Culinary Connisseurs Crazy for MadFoods

5 Wits: Drago's Castle (Destiny USA)

We really had to use our imaginations to come up with this exciting spot for 5 Wits, a thrilling virtual playground that takes residence in Syracuse's national attraction, Destiny USA.

24hr. Brand Bash 2: Brand Harder

This year we chose Chadwick Residence as the lucky recipient of a complete rebranding. Once again, we locked ourselves in for a full 24 hours of concept development, copywriting, coding and coffee gulping to benefit this worthy nonprofit organization. It's a way for us to continue to help our community while still exercising our creative muscles.
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Rebranding Video

You don’t always need to shoot video to get a great clip. This recent rebrand project shows how voice, copy and graphics can all come together to tell a story with video.

ABC Is One of CNY’s ‘Best Places to Work’

Well, we could have told you that and probably do fairly frequently. But, now it’s official as ABC joins an elite group of firms across the region.
Learn More

HABA Take Time to Play "Monster Laundry"

HABA's “Take Time to Play” campaign urges families to get back to basics and rediscover toys and games that have entertained for decades without the use of electronics.

Live, Learn, Grow: The Chadwick Residence Story

As past of the 24hr. Brand Bash, ABC produced this promotional video for Chadwick Residence. Listen to these emotional and uplifting stories from women who found themselves homeless. With the help of Chadwick Residence, they have taken steps to learn independent living skills and find permanent housing.

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Want to join the team? Go ahead and send your résumé and work samples here. We’ll actually look at it and consider it if you’ve got the talent that fits our team.



Travis Bort

Owner/Creative Director

As ABC’s commander-in-chief, Travis is involved with everything that goes on around here: creative direction, client consulting and, of course, running the company. He channels more than 20 years of experience in the business to continuously take ABC in bold new directions and build his team of creatives and account managers based on client need. Travis’ creative mind and high standards make him the gatekeeper, ensuring every ABC idea is the best one for the client.


Jamie Leszczynski

Director of Account Services

Jamie runs ABC’s amazing team of account managers and utilizes many other exceptional skills to help clients get the most out of their budgets. As our primary media placement person, she uses client dollars carefully, tracks down tons of added value and comes up with incredible PR opportunities. Jamie oversees all accounts and uses her own creativity to take on any request. She also happens to be our resident social media expert who effectively engages any audience.


Jenn Cline

Sales and Marketing Consultant

Enter the ROI. Jenn is so gifted at tracking and showing results for all campaign initiatives, ABC created a name for her unique service: Idea-Based Sales. She works with clients to develop follow-up strategies for campaigns and gauge the effectiveness. Jenn exercises her exceptional skill in creating strategy, doing research and planning as well as public relations efforts.


Mike Haines

Senior Art Director

Mike brings all of our ideas to life using earned experience and a natural talent for art direction. He handles all production items including advertising and print projects, seeing them through from concept to delivery. His remarkable creativity, high standards and expert insights give clients great confidence in any campaign.


Shane M. Liebler

Content Developer

Shane crafts, cuts and scrubs all written content for ABC and our clients. His extensive experience in digital and print media ensures every project is polished to a sign. In addition to development of articles, press releases, ad copy, scripts, blogs, white papers and any other content clients need, Shane also assists with account management.


Nick Machia

Interactive Developer

Nick has a gift for spinning piles of code and characters into digital gold. He applies his skills to designing, developing and managing all Web projects for ABC's clients: desktop, social or mobile. As if his technical know-how wasn’t outstanding enough, ABC’s resident Web guy also happens to be a talented graphic designer who can turn any website into a masterpiece.


Rick Purdy

Digital and Media Strategist

Rick uses digital marketing strategies to optimize client websites and strengthen brands. He digs through heaps of analytics to deliver the kind of SEO, content strategy and social media management that solves marketing problems, drives quality Web traffic and gets your business or organization the attention it deserves.


Scott Kraushaar

Director of Video Production

As our video virtuoso, Scott shoots, edits and produces all moving images for ABC. Online-only or broadcast-ready, every video project Scott touches has the type of allure that demands an audience. He complements those epic capabilities by assisting the art department with graphic design.


Sean Faulkner

Account Executive

As account executive, Sean assists with every project and client around here. He works alongside ABC’s senior account manager with a keen sense for perfection to make sure everything gets done on time and budget. ABC’s No. 1 PR pitchman also helps develop written content.


Marty Furgal

Graphic Designer

Marty is our right-hand man in all things graphic design. His skills propel both print and online ads to greatness by way of his assistance with all aspects of production. Always prompt and very creative, Marty brings a strong and varied skillset to ABC.


Trisha Stethers

Traffic Manager

Trisha handles the books, directs all agency traffic and keeps the office humming. She keeps all projects on time and all staff on track. Experienced, organized and friendly, Trisha is often the first voice clients hear on calls or smiling face they see during visits.